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email :

We can’t wait to chat to you! 07753 766 113

We try to respond within 24 hours (unless after 4pm or on a Sunday) but are often teaching and may not get to the phone or computer. If your message is urgent, please send a Facebook link to FB page message.


How do I enrol my child?

Oh, this is exciting! First up, visit our booking page here. Or If you are not sure and need some advice on what classes maybe best fill in the enquiry form at the top of the page. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Can we come for a trial?

Of course! We’d love to welcome you. Visit our booking page and click to book a trial. Select the ‘trial class’ box. Afterwards, please let us know within 24 hours if you’d like a permanent space in the class by replying to the link we send you. After the 24hrs after class we can’t guarantee you the space – our classes fill up quickly.

How do the fees work?

They’re paid by term and, unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds for sickness or holidays. All classes are booked on Class Manager system are payable on this site for traceability. If Your little one does not know which class they’d like to do yet? Subject to space, they can do as many classes as they like with our Unlimited Class Pass – let the fun begin!

Do you offer payment plans?

We do our best to keep classes affordable and make every effort to ensure your child can join us. Please get in touch when you enroll if you would like to discuss payment plans.

We’re moving away. How do we withdraw from classes?

Please give us four weeks’ notice, either by telling your teacher or emailing us.

My child is a bit nervous – how can I ease them in?

It’s important everyone feels safe, comfortable and welcome. Speak positively about coming to class ie. how much fun it will be and the new friends and exciting new things they will do.

For younger children parents can wait in the waiting room if need be. We would discourage parents coming into the studio with their child over the age of 3/4 years into the class as this is disruptive to the rest of the children and can be distracting to the teacher too.

Is there a uniform?

There is – for health and safety reasons and for exams, shows and events. But it’s not essential for your first class. If you decide to enrol, we’ll give you all the information you need.

Are exams compulsory?

Absolutely not! Having fun and being comfortable are at the heart of all classes. That said, exams offer great experiences – and can be helpful for UCAS points and personal statements in secondary school.

Can my child take part in shows and performances?

Yes, yes, YES! From our annual ballet performance to musical productions to informal afternoon tea presentation days, there are a variety of opportunities to perform and represents AAPA.

What about competitions?

Again, yes – if your child wishes. Whilst there is no pressure or obligation, we offer students
the chance to represent AAPA at dance and musical theatre competitions worldwide. Please note that competing does involve an extra level of commitment and some extra expenses, such as private lessons, rehearsals, entry fees, costumes etc.

How can we take advantage of the casting agency?

This is the first step towards a professional career in performing arts, this is a privilege reserved for children who attend our classes and have done for at least a year. Auditions are held once per year. For more information, please contact Jennifer, our casting agency director.