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‘Performing Arts school with professional tutition in dance, singing, acting, gymnastics and musical theatre’

Pre school – Walking/18 months to 5 years old

 Pre-School Classes @ AAPA 

So you are looking for a Class for your child to develop their physical, social, intellectual and creative skills before they go to school?  Then our classes are perfect. Not only do we instil great technical foundations in our pre-schoolers but we also help to prepare them for life ahead!  We have many classes to choose from :

Our Mac the Monkey classes start from when children are confident walking/ 18 months old and run until children are in approximately 5 years old and are ready to move to our older classes. 

For under 3 years old adults take part in the adventures each week alongside their child and our classes from 3–5 years old are parent/guardian free. We call these Independent Child classes because the main aim of these classes is to encourage each child to build up their confidence and learn independently.  After attending our classes and by the time your child is ready for school they will be a little confident, creative, independent learner.  

In all of our classes children learn to listen, share, take instruction and make new friends.  We have many styles of classes to choose from below.


Mac the Monkey Little Performers Musical Theatre (from 18 months approx.)

Mac the Monkey Story Time Ballet (from 2 1/2 years old approx)

Mac the Monkey Gymnastics and Sports (from 18 months approx.)

Tap (from 2 1/2 yrs old approx) – parent free

Jazz (from 4 years old) – parent free

Street Dance (from 4 years old) – parent free

Highland (from 3 years old) – parent free

 Mac the Monkey Stage Academy (Singing, Dance, Drama) from 4 years old


Mac the Monkey Gymnastics class was the only baby/toddler class we stuck with ! It was amazing for both my kids and for me. It was welcoming, structured and friendly – everything we needed. 

Katie Jo

Little Performers Musical Theatre

Suitable for children approx. 18 months and older

These classes provide an all-round education in Dance, Drama, Singing and Music. These classes enhance social, lingual, physical and rhythmical skills and with Mac’s adventures each week your child’s imagination will have no boundaries.

Our 3–5 years classes can take part in our assessments throughout their year demonstrating creative performing tasks which can lead to their 1st, 2nd and 3rd Awards..





Gymnastics and Sports 

Suitable for children approx. 18 months and over .

Through Mac’s weekly adventure your child will learn the basics in pre-school Gymnastics and valuable skills that can be used in all sports. For example hand eye coordination, balance, agility, strength and flexibility will all be gradually built upon and improved. Alongside teaching basic vital sporting skills your child will learn the importance of physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle and develop a zest for sport which we hope will last through until their adult life.  

Our 3–5 years classes take part in our mini class assessments throughout their time at our classes gaining bronze, silver and gold medals allowing the children to visualise and chart their progressions. 


Parties & Events

Are you looking to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion ?  Any of our classes can be run as a special party.  With Party Stationary ready for you organising a party could not be easier.  Just ask your class teacher or get in touch with a class teacher in your area and they will create a bespoke party just for you.  The children will think it is the ‘Best Party Ever’ and it will be stress free for you !



Story Time Ballet 

Suitable for children approx. 2 1/2 yrs and over  
Through Mac’s classic and well known fairytale stories children will learn basic Ballet Technique.  Each story and lesson plan is designed to make learning Ballet fun and expand your child’s imagination.   

Our 3-5 year old Ballet students can take part in Mac’s Show in a Box’ series with their class mates and perform in a classical ballet on stage !  

Musical Theatre  Stage Academy 

Suitable for children 4-6 years old

A lovely Musical Theatre class based on Mac’s week adventures taking our skills of Singing, Dance and Acting to a more advanced level.  The class develops each individual child’s talents and grows their confidence – speaking and performing in front of a group won’t be an issue after a while!   Group work and imagination are key for this class especially as we explore the voice and physicality of movement.  We work to prepare for short performances and also Trinity College Young Performer Certificate exams.