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Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here, sharing more about the organisation and classes you know and love. Whether you’re local to us in Aberdeen or reading on the other side of the world, welcome! I hope you enjoy…

Today, I want to tell you all about what our dance and gymnastics classes, and their values, mean for YOU and your child.

If you don’t know us, Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts (AAPA) is… 

  • A dance, acting and musical theatre school in the heart of Aberdeen. (We have a gymnastics club, too – Aberdeen Acrobatic Gymnastics Club)! 
  • All about child-centred learning in a positive and safe space. 
  • Creating equal opportunities for your child to be the best they can be in shows and competitions if they wish.
  • The creator of Mac the Monkey, a fun-filled programme of classes to get preschoolers moving.

You want to instill only the very best values in your little learner, right? Well, we’re right there with you! 

With AAPA, your child will be immersed in…

our rainbow wall - our ethos

Good vibes only 

The studio is a “happy place”. It may sound cliché but, as you’ll know, life is tough out there, especially for young minds. When your child steps into AAPA dance and gymnastics classes, they’re instantly busy doing what they love and sharing it with others. Stresses and strains are replaced with sparkle and sunshine, we promise you!


Community over competition

The belief that ‘everyone is a star and has the right to shine’ is at the heart of our classes. Your child will love the happy and supportive community. And they’ll learn valuable life lessons – the fact that everyone gets their turn to take centre stage, for example. 


Progress over perfection

Whether you’ve got a budding West Ender on your hands or an adrenaline-junkie who loves rumbling, tumbling and being themselves, they’re valued. Everyone is unique, and every child can express themselves when they’re ready.


Teamwork, confidence and self-expression 

We live and breathe these three phrases:

  • Working as a team to create something wonderful is at the heart of all we do. 
  • Confidence comes from having courage to step out of your comfort zone. A ready-made supportive team can ignite that fire in your child’s belly. 
  • Self-expression is always encouraged and it comes naturally when youngsters can be themselves in a safe space. 


We can’t wait to share this truly unique approach to teaching, and life in general – with you and your family.


Got a question? Interested in joining us?

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About Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts 

Gold winners at the international Dance School of the Year 2021 awards, Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts (AAPA) is a dance, acting, gymnastics and musical theatre school in the heart of Aberdeen. Owner and Director Rachel Mearns, a highly qualified dance and gymnastics expert, is passionate about child-centred learning in a positive and safe space. She is also a champion of creating equal opportunities for children to be the best they can be in shows and competitions. Rachel also heads up Aberdeen Acrobatic Gymnastics Club and founded Mac the Monkey Ltd, a popular pre-school AAPA class that teaches sports, gymnastics, ballet and musical theatre. After taking Aberdeen by storm, the brand, which promotes physical, social, intellectual and creative skills, is now available to be licensed out to other teachers across the UK.