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Age 13 years and over

Our Senior Classes are now longer in length and challenge and push students more than ever before. Students who have a great ballet technique, good strength, turn out and who have been dancing an appropriate amount of years might progress onto our Pointe classes (at the teacher’s discretion and judgement).

Our Musical Theatre Class is now longer to allow for more rehearsal time for shows. Our Senior students’ combine with our Juniors to take part in the end of year musical every June at a local theatre. Our Seniors are considered Role Models within our school and relish the chance to work with younger students and pass on performance tips and techniques when we perform the Musical. We encourage students now to also explore taking part in Musical Theatre Solo examination – a great way to achieve a worldwide recognised qualification, expand skills and have fun.

Our classes are focussed and structured to allow the senior student time to develop and find their own individual style of performance and develop skills such as improvisation which is an important skill for individual performance and auditions. We have a support system in place to recognise where a student may want to train for the profession and we can prepare them for college auditions

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Classes now on offer are

Classes now move onto covering grade work and developing old and teaching new steps. We start to work on routines suitable for examination and show purposes. Through the routines we work on developing rhythmical skills alongside presentation and performance aspect of Tap dance.


Ballet is the basis of all genres of dance. With our Mini’s we now start to work more on creating a solid technique from which we can then work on developing and teaching harder dance steps. We use a variety of Ballet techniques (IDTA, BATD, ABT) and aid the teaching of this technique with the use of PBT (progressing Ballet Technique). We feel following this programme weekly enhances and solidifies correct and safe dance technique quicker than other, older methods. PBT is the highlight of the week for some children !

Modern Jazz

This class now works on developing a more solid foundation for stretching and conditioning. We use a variety of barre, floor and centre exercises to achieve a great technique suitable for current Modern Jazz trends. Our students just love to see how high their leaps and jumps go, how close they are to all 3 types of splits and how many turns they can do ! Certainly a hard working and lively, funky and modern class to go to....

Highland & Scottish National

We now start to work on our set Highland and Scottish National dances. A proper and correct technique is taught and developed which will allow students to take part in examinations or Highland Competitions. After a 45 minute highland dance class our students are certainly much fitter – did you know that a 6 step fling is the equivalent to running a mile ? No wonder our dancers are so fit !


Individuality is the main aim of this class. Students are now comfortable with the 4 main styles of street – Hip Hop, Popping, Locking and Breaking. We allowed the students the chance to become choreographers developing new steps and their own identity and sense of style through improvisations and ciphers. We educate the students on the history of street so they know how and where their style of dance has come from and how it may develop in the future years – after all our children are our future dancers and choreographers ....

Acrobatic Gymnastics

This is now run through our Acrobatic Class with Scottish and British Gymnastics. The classes are run as recreational ones where we work on building vital strength required for Acrobatic tricks, Flexibility and individual / Pair / Trio / Group skills, balances and tempo moves. We do have a more serious class for students who wish to compete. There is an element of extra commitment for the competitive Acro classes but our staff are happy to talk this through with you if your child shows an interest in competing.

Musical Theatre (2 hr Class)

Our class now is longer so we can work on mini performance pieces. The students enjoy 40 minute classes in Singing, Jazz Dance and Acting. We encourage students to take part in the class in groups and also perform in solo parts. Occasionally, depending on what end of year Musical we have, we may invite students to take part in the show. Children are offered the chance to take part in the Young Performers Trinity College exam or if they are towards the Junior age group we will encourage them to take part in a solo exam.

Acting and Performance

This class harnesses the acting tools the student already possess – your body, voice, and imagination – to physically express ideas, transform into multi-dimensional characters, and tell moving stories. Gain skills in creative thinking and public speaking, building confidence in yourself and your craft. Children learn to develop their creativity and imagination through mime and improvisation.

Senior Classes

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