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mac the monkey

Mac’s classes run for baby’s of 6 weeks old through to Boys and Girls of 5 years of age.

Our Mac the Monkey classes are something unique to us and have been developed by our team of staff over the last 10 years. The classes start from 6 weeks old through to 5/6 years old (when they are ready to move onto our ‘older’ classes). The classes are structured to allow as many sensory activities and experiences to take place in class enhancing the development of your little treasure !

We all know that children thrive on music and sensory stimulation and that Early Years Education is very important and the development of the baby in their first few years is vital and really sets them up for life. Our Mac the Monkey programme aims to grow and enhance the development of your little one whilst teach technical skills in the performing arts. Our under 3 years classes give a special time for you to bond with your little one.